Policy Statements

The Ohio Judicial Conference is the voice of Ohio judges on matters pertaining to the administration of justice.

From time to time, the Judicial Conference, through the Executive Committee, establishes policies or adopts resolutions that express judicial consensus.  The Judicial Conference also comments on pending legislation through Judicial Impact Statements, pursuant to O.R.C. 105.911.

Recent policy statements, resolutions and Judicial Impact Statements are collected below.

Policy Statements
Court Costs Approved 11/18/05

Court Security and Weapons in Court Facilities 11/6/2017

Criminal Registries and Databases Approved 3/16/18
Judicial Allotments and Court Consolidation  3/14/14
Policy Considerations on Judicial Allotment
Judicial Discretion and Mandatory Sentencing Approved 5/9/08
Jury Services by Ohio Citizens Approved 5/5/07
Ohio Risk Assessment System and Risk and Needs Assessment Tools  3/20/15
Separation of Powers Special Project Funds and Other Court Functions  Approved 9/7/11
Report of the Ohio Judicial Conference Ad Hoc Committee on Public Records, Privacy and the Internet Approved 9/8/04