The Ohio Judicial Conference provides many resources to support and assist judges throughout their judicial career. Judicial Conference committees’ activities provide judges with a voice in the Ohio General Assembly when legislation is introduced that may have an impact on their courts. Judicial associations’ meetings and conferences provide opportunities for judges to meet and collaborate with their colleagues. Veteran judges are available to serve as mentors for new judges and can offer clear insight into experiences that new judges are bound to encounter. For a new judge having a difficult time adjusting, the Judicial Advisory Group (JAG) is available to provide confidential support and assistance.

The Judicial Conference website provides a wealth of resources for judges including current information about legislation and case law that have a practical impact in Ohio's courts; and resources developed by their colleagues, as a service to the judicial professional community, that are helpful in the everyday work of a judge. Some of these resources include policy statements; numerous publications; and bench aids, which are quick reference materials for specific types of cases.

The Judicial Conference also maintains a Library of Reasoned Orders (LRO). A reasoned order is one made by a judge that may prove helpful to other judges. The library is a collection of reasoned orders issued by Ohio judges, organized by categories and subjects, and made available to other Ohio judges as a helpful resource. Reasoned orders address new or unique issues as well as routine issues, and provide sufficient analysis of the issue in order to be beneficial to another judge confronted with the same or a similar matter.