What is the Ohio Judicial Conference?

The Judicial Conference is a statutory entity, separate from the Supreme Court of Ohio, within the judicial branch of government that was created to serve the Ohio General Assembly by providing insight into proposed legislation that could impact Ohio courts. The Judicial Conference offers services to Ohio judges, to the General Assembly, and to the Executive Branch that help to promote public confidence in the law, enhance the quality and professionalism of the judiciary, and preserve judicial independence. The Judicial Conference facilitates collaboration among judges in all counties and jurisdictions through the work of its twenty two standing committees and relates judicial perspective to the General Assembly on behalf of all judges in Ohio.


Who are the members of the Judicial Conference?  

Every judicial officeholder in the State of Ohio is a member of the Ohio Judicial Conference. In addition, every “voluntarily retired judge” as defined in the Guidelines for the Assignment of Judges is eligible to be a member of the Judicial Conference. Every judicial association and the Supreme Court of Ohio are active member associations.          


How do I log in to the Judicial Conference website?

You must be a judge, or a voluntarily retired judge, to log in to the website. If you do not have your log in information, please contact the Judicial Conference at 614.387.9750 for assistance.  


What does service on a Judicial Conference Committee entail?

Service on a Judicial Conference committee is a great way to get to know colleagues who are interested in similar subjects, to stay current on the issues facing the judiciary, and to have a voice in the governance of the branch. Over two hundred judges representing every jurisdiction and every area of the state volunteer their time to one or more of the Judicial Conference’s twenty two standing committees. Committees typically meet quarterly either by conference call or in person to discuss and formulate opinions on hot topics that are relevant to the committee’s subject area. Law & Procedure Committees regularly review proposed legislation and are asked to provide feedback to Judicial Conference staff on judicial impact and statutory construction, information that our staff conveys to legislators as they work to enact a bill. Other committees develop resources for judges and citizens, and develop seminars such as the Court Technology Conference, Retired Judges Seminar, and Jumping the Retirement Hurdle.

To join a Judicial Conference Committee, please contact us at 614.387.9750.  


Where do I go to find information about a particular piece of legislation?

The Ohio Judicial Conference maintains a database of information on bills that impact judges or courts on our website.


Information on pending legislation can be found here:



Information on recently enacted legislation can be found here:



The Judicial Conference also produces a Legislative Platform that identifies changes to the Revised Code that judges have recommended in order to improve the administration of justice. The current legislative platform can be found here:



Information on recently introduced legislation and other OJC news can be found in our bi-weekly newsletter. Copies of the Newsletter can be found here:



How do I order citizens guide brochures, the small claims court guide, or other Judicial Conference publications?

Judicial Conference Committees have developed and published a variety brochures to help inform and provide guidance to Ohioans on the use of the courts.

The list of brochures and an order form can be found here:



How do I order a copy of the current Judges Directory?

The Judicial Conference provides every judge in the state with two copies of the “Judge’s Directory” each year as a benefit of membership.  These physical copies can be ordered. You can find the order form on this page.  We also maintain an online directory at www.ohiojudges.org/directory.