Citizen Guide Brochures

The Judicial Conference has created a series of brochures to help judges inform the public about Ohio's judicial system. We have eight tri-fold brochures with general information about aspects of the judicial system and one 25-page guide to small claims court.

Trifold Brochures Here are the electronic versions of each title (they are pdf files):

Electing Judges Grand Jury Service Jury Service
Legal Terminology Mediation Ohio Courts
Representing Yourself Why Can't I Talk to the Judge?  

Trifold Ordering Information:
   - Mail-In or Fax Back Order Form            
   - Online Order Form
   - The brochures can be ordered in bulk at a low cost - 20 or 15 cents per copy, depending on the amount ordered.
   - To obtain printed samples of the brochure, contact Trina Bennington via email or call 614-387-9750.
   - You can download and print each brochure.
   - The back panel of each brochure has space for a standard size mailing label with contact information for a local
      court or judge.



Small Claims Court Guide

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court Guide Ordering Informaton:
The Small Claims Court booklet was previously published by the Ohio State Bar Foundation.  
   - You can download and print the Small Claims Court Guide in booklet form (directions to print below).
   - The file is arranged to be printed as a brochure; follow these instructions to print or the pages will appear out of
      order: Print it using the portrait mode, 2-sided, flip on short side.
   - To obtain a printed sample copy, contact Trina Bennington via email or call 614-387-9750.
   - The booklet can be ordered in bulk at a low cost - 58 cents per copy, postage included.
   - Mail-In or Fax-Back Order Form
   - Online Order Form

* Please note that the small claims amount will be raised from $3,000 to $6,000, effective September 28, 2016.  An updated version of the Small Claims Court Guide is available for purchase.