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    Report to the Executive Committee  11/7/14

    Report to the Executive Committee  8/27/14

    Reports to the Executive Committee   5/2/14

    Reports to the Executive Committee  3/14/14


The Executive Committee meets quarterly to establish Judicial Conference policy, to receive updates and consider recommendations from Judicial Conference committees, to review and make recommendations with regard to the work of Judicial Conference staff, and to adopt resolutions that express judicial consensus. All of the powers of the Ohio Judicial Conference, subject to the limitations of law, are exercised, controlled and conducted by the Executive Committee as they, in their absolute discretion may deem proper, to carry out and further the purposes for which the Ohio Judicial Conference is formed.

The Executive Committee is comprised of 40-50 judges.  The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Judicial Conference; the chairs of the committees of the Judicial Conference; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio; the Chief Justice and the Chief Justice-elect of the Courts of Appeals of Ohio; the presiding officer and the presiding officer-elect of each member judicial association; the Administrative Director of the Supreme Court of Ohio; and the Executive Director of the Ohio Judicial Conference.


OJC Staff
Mark Schweikert, Mark.Schweikert@sc.ohio.gov, Phone: 614-387-9750