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Adams County

Adams Co. Common Pleas Court   
Adams County Court

Allen County

Allen Co. Common Pleas Court    
Allen Co. Domestic Relations Court   
Allen Co. Juvenile Court
Allen Co. Probate Court 
Lima Municipal Court

Ashland County

Ashland Co. Common Pleas Court
Ashland Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Ashland Muncipal Court

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Ashtabula County

Ashtabula Co. Common Pleas Court  
Ashtabula Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Ashtabula Muncipal Court 
Conneaut Municipal Court
Ashtabula Co. Court Eastern District    
Ashtabula Co. Court Western District  

Athens County

Athens Co. Common Pleas Court
Athens Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Athens Co. Municipal Court

Auglaize County

Auglaize Co. Common Pleas Court
Auglaize County Domestic Relations, Juvenile and Probate Court
Auglaize Co. Municipal Court

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Belmont County

Belmont Co. Common Pleas Court
Belmont Co. Juvenile Court
Belmont Co. Probate Court
Belmont County Court Eastern Division
Belmont County Court Northern Division
Belmont County Court Western Division

Brown County

Brown Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Brown Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Brown Co. Municipal Court

Butler County

Butler Co. Common Pleas Court
Butler Co. Domestic Relations Court
Butler Co. Juvenile Court
Butler Co. Probate Court
Fairfield Municipal Court
Hamilton Municipal Court
Middletown Municipal Court
Butler County Court #1
Butler County Court #2
Butler County Court #3

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Carroll County

Carroll Co. Common Pleas Court
Carroll Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Carroll Co. Municipal Court

Champaign County

Champaign Co. Common Pleas Court
Champaign Co. Family Court
Champaign Co. Municipal Court

Clark County

Clark Co. Common Pleas Court
Clark Co. Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court
Clark Co. Probate Court
Clark Co. Municipal Court (Clerk)

Clermont County

Clermont Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Clermont Co. Domestic Relations Court
Clermont Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Clermont Co. Municipal Court (Clerk)

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Clinton County

Clinton Co. Common Pleas Court
Clinton Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Clinton Co. Municipal Court

Columbiana County

Columbiana Co. Common Pleas Court (clerk)
Columbiana Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
East Liverpool Municipal Court  
Columbiana Co. Municipal Court (clerk)

Coshocton County

Coshocton Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Coshocton Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Coshocton Co. Municipal Court

Crawford County

Crawford Co. Common Pleas Court
Crawford Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Crawford Co. Municipal Court

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Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga Co. Common Pleas Court
Cuyahoga Co. Domestic Relations Court
Cuyahoga Co. Juvenile Court
Cuyahoga Co. Probate Court
Bedford Municipal Court
Berea Municipal Court
Cleveland Heights Municipal Court
Cleveland Municipal Court
Cleveland Municipal Court-Housing
East Cleveland Municipal Court
Euclid Municipal Court
Garfield Heights Municipal Court
Lakewood Municipal Court
Lyndhurst Municipal Court
Parma Municipal Court
Rocky River Municipal Court
Shaker Heights Municipal Court
South Euclid Municipal Court  

Darke County

Darke Co. Common Pleas Court
Darke Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Darke Co. Municipal Court

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Defiance County

Defiance Co. Common Pleas Court
Defiance Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Defiance Municipal Court

Delaware County

Delaware Co. Common Pleas Court
Delaware Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Delaware Municipal Court

Erie County

Erie Co. Common Pleas Court
Erie Co. Juvenile Court
Erie Co. Municipal Court
Huron Municipal Court
Sandusky Municipal Court
Vermilion Municipal Court

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Fairfield County

Fairfield Co. Common Pleas Court 
Fairfield Co. Domestic Relations Court   
Fairfield Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Fairfield Co. Municipal Court (Clerk)

Fayette County

Fayette Co. Common Pleas Court
Fayette Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Washington C.H. Municipal Court

Franklin County

Franklin Co. Common Pleas Court
Franklin Co. Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court
Franklin Co. Probate Court
Franklin Co. Municipal Court (Clerk)
Franklin Co. Municipal Court Environmental Division

Fulton County

Fulton Co. Common Pleas Court
Fulton Co. Probate / Juvenile Court
Fulton County Court Eastern District
Fulton County Court Western District

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Gallia County

Gallia Co. Common Pleas Court 
Gallia Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Gallipolis Municipal Court 

Geauga County

Geauga Co. Common Pleas Court 
Geauga Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Chardon Municipal Court   

Greene County

Greene Co. Common Pleas Court 
Greene Co. Domestic Relations Court 
Greene Co. Probate Court 
Greene Co. Juvenile Court 
Fairborn Municipal Court 
Xenia Municipal Court

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Guernsey County

Guernsey Co. Common Pleas Court 
Guernsey Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Cambridge Municipal Court

Hamilton County

Hamilton Co. Common Pleas Court
Hamilton Co. Domestic Relations Court
Hamilton Co. Probate Court
Hamilton Co. Juvenile Court
Hamilton Co. Municipal Court

Hancock County

Hancock Co. Common Pleas Court
Hancock Co. Probate / Juvenile Court
Findlay Municipal Court

Hardin County

Hardin Co. Common Pleas Court
Hardin Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Hardin Co. Municipal Court

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Harrison County

Harrison Co. Common Pleas Court 
Harrison Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Harrison County Court 

Henry County

Henry Co. Common Pleas Court
Henry Co. Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court
Napoleon Municipal Court 

Highland County

Highland Co. Common Pleas Court
Highland Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Hillsboro Municipal Court 
Highland County Court 

Hocking County

Hocking Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Hocking Co. Probate/Juvenile Court    
Hocking Co. Municipal Court

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Holmes County

Holmes Co. Common Pleas Court
Holmes Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Holmes Co. Municipal Court 

Huron County

Huron Co. Common Pleas Court
Huron Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Norwalk Municipal Court 

Jackson County

Jackson Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Jackson Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Jackson Co. Municipal Court

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Jefferson County

Jefferson Co. Common Pleas Court
Jefferson Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Steubenville Municipal Court 
Jefferson County Court #1
Jefferson County Court #2
Jefferson County Court #3

Knox County

Knox Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Knox Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Mount Vernon Municipal Court

Lake County

Lake Co. Common Pleas Court
Lake Co. Domestic Relations Court    
Lake Co. Juvenile Court   
Lake Co. Probate Court
Mentor Municipal Court
Painesville Municipal Court
Willoughby Municipal Court

Lawrence County

Lawrence Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Lawrence Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Lawrence Co. Municipal Court
Ironton Municipal Court

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Licking County

Licking Co. Common Pleas Court  (Clerk)
Licking Co. Domestic Relations Court 
Licking Co. Probate/Juvenile Court  
Licking Co. Municipal Court

Logan County

Logan Co. Common Pleas Court
Logan Co. Family Court
Bellefontaine Municipal Court

Lorain County

Lorain Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Lorain Co. Domestic Relations Court
Lorain Co. Probate Court    
Avon Lake Municipal Court
Elyria Municipal Court
Lorain Municipal Court
Oberlin Municipal Court

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Lucas County

Lucas Co. Common Pleas Court 
Lucas Co. Domestic Relations Court 
Lucas Co. Juvenile Court 
Lucas Co. Probate Court
Maumee Municipal Court
Oregon Municipal Court
Sylvania Municipal Court
Toledo Municipal Court

Madison County

Madison Co. Common Pleas Court 
Madison Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Madison Co. Municipal Court

Mahoning County

Mahoning Co. Common Pleas Court  
Mahoning Co. Domestic Relations Court
Mahoning Co. Probate Court 
Mahoning Co. Juvenile Court 
Campbell Municipal Court
Struthers Municipal Court 
Youngstown Municipal Court    
Mahoning County Court #2
Mahoning County Court #3
Mahoning County Court #4
Mahoning County Court #5

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Marion County

Marion Co. Common Pleas Court
Marion Co. Family Court
Marion Municipal Court

Medina County

Medina Co. Common Pleas Court
Medina Co. Domestic Relations Court
Medina Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Medina Municipal Court
Wadsworth Municipal Court

Meigs County

Meigs Co.Common Pleas Court
Meigs Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Meigs County Court

Mercer County

Mercer Co. Common Pleas Court
Mercer Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Celina Municipal Court

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Miami County

Miami Co. Common Pleas Court
Miami Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Miami Co. Municipal Court

Monroe County

Monroe Co. Common Pleas Court
Monroe Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Monroe County Court

Montgomery County

Montgomery Co.Common Pleas Court
Montgomery Co. Domestic Relations Court
Montgomery Co. Probate Court
Montgomery Co. Juvenile Court  
Dayton Municipal Court
Kettering Municipal Court
Miamisburg Municipal Court
Oakwood Municipal Court 
Vandalia Municipal Court
Montgomery County Court Area #1 
Montgomery County Court Area #2

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Morgan County

Morgan Co. Common Pleas Court
Morgan County Court

Morrow County

Morrow Co.Common Pleas Court 
Morrow Co. Municipal Court

Muskingum County

Muskingum Co.Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Muskingum Co. Domestic Relations Court
Muskingum Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Zanesville Municipal Court 
Muskingum County Court

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Noble County

Noble Co. Common Pleas Court
Noble County Court

Ottawa County

Ottawa Co. Common Pleas Court
Ottawa Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Ottawa Co. Municipal Court

Paulding County

Paulding Co. Common Pleas Court
Paulding Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Paulding County Court

Perry County

Perry Co. Common Pleas Court
Perry Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Perry County Court

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Pickaway County

Pickaway Co. Common Pleas Court
Pickaway Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Circleville Municipal Court

Pike County

Pike Co. Common Pleas Court
Pike Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Pike County Court

Portage County

Portage Co. Common Pleas Court
Portage Co. Domestic Relations Court
Portage Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Portage Co. Municipal Court - Kent
Portage Co. Municipal Court - Ravenna

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Preble County

Preble Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Preble Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Eaton Municipal Court

Putnam County

Putnam Co. Common Pleas Court 
Putnam Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Putnam County Court

Richland County

Richland Co. Common Pleas Court 
Richland Co. Domestic Relations Court  
Richland Co. Probate Court
Richland Co. Juvenile Court
Mansfield Municipal Court   
Shelby Municipal Court

Ross County

Ross Co. Common Pleas Court
Ross Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Chillicothe Municipal Court

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Sandusky County

Sandusky Co. Common Pleas Court 
Sandusky Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Bellevue Municipal Court
Fremont Municipal Court 
Sandusky County Court #1 (Clerk)
Sandusky County Court #2 (Clerk)

Scioto County

Scioto Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Scioto Co. Domestic Relations Court 
Scioto Co. Probate / Juvenile Court
Portsmouth Municipal Court

Seneca County

Seneca Co. Common Pleas Court 
Seneca Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Fostoria Municipal Court
Tiffin Municipal Court

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Shelby County

Shelby Co. Common Pleas Court 
Shelby Co. Probate / Juvenile Court
Sidney Municipal Court

Stark County

Stark Co. Common Pleas Court
Stark Co. Family Court
Stark Co. Probate Court
Canton Municipal Court (Clerk)
Alliance Municipal Court (Clerk)
Massillon Municipal Court

Summit County

Summit Co. Common Pleas Court
Summit Co. Domestic Relations Court 
Summit Co. Probate Court 
Summit Co. Juvenile Court 
Akron Municipal Court
Barberton Municipal Court 
Stow Municipal Court 

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Trumbull County

Trumbull Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Trumbull Co. Family Court 
Trumbull Co. Probate Court
Girard Municipal Court 
Newton Falls Municipal Court
Niles Municipal Court 
Warren Municipal Court 
Trumbull County Central District Court
Trumbull County Eastern District Court

Tuscarawas County

Tuscarawas Co. Common Pleas Court 
Tuscarawas Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
New Philadelphia Municipal Court 
Tuscarawas County Court  

Union County

Union Co. Common Pleas Court
Union Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Marysville Municipal Court

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Van Wert County

Van Wert Co. Common Pleas Court
Van Wert Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Van Wert Municipal Court 

Vinton County

Vinton Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Vinton Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Vinton County Court

Warren County

Warren Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Warren Co. Domestic Relations Court
Warren Co. Probate/Juvenile Court
Franklin Municipal Court 
Lebanon Municipal Court 
Mason Municipal Court
Warren County Court

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Washington County

Washington Co. Common Pleas Court 
Washington Co. ProbateJuvenile Court
Marietta Municipal Court

Wayne County

Wayne Co. Common Pleas Court  
Wayne Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Wayne Co. Municipal Court 

Williams County

Williams Co. Common Pleas Court 
Williams Co. Probate/Juvenile Court 
Bryan Municipal Court

Wood County

Wood Co. Common Pleas Court (Clerk)
Wood Co. Probate / Juvenile Court
Bowling Green Municipal Court
Perrysburg Municipal Court

Wyandot County

Wyandot Co. Common Pleas Court
Upper Sandusky Municipal Court   

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