Certification for Qualification of Employment (CQE)

ORC 2953.25
SB 337
AR 5120-15-01 - effective date February 18, 2013

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CQE Process - Electronic Petitions
CQE Process - Non Electronic Petitions
Ohio CIVICC Database - Civil Impacts of Criminal Convictions under Ohio Law


CQE Report - PDF

Samples - Model Local Rule and Model Forms:
Document Name                                                                           
 CQE Model Local Rule - electronic petitions only  - updated 3/4/13  PDF  Word
 Model Local Rule - updated 3/4/13  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form A Petition for CQE (cover sheet)  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form B-1 Affidavit of Indigency general (for CQE only)  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form B-2 Affidavit of Indigency detailed  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form C Notice to Court  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form D Notice to Prosecutor  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form E Response to Request for Information  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form F Order for Investigation  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form G Order for Additional Information  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form H Entry Granting Petition  PDF  Word 
 CQE Form I Entry Denying Petition  PDF  Word