Enactments from the 131st General Assembly

HB 6

Enactment Summary

Statute of limitations for rape/sexual battery-extend-offender implicated by DNA evidence (LaTourette, Kunze

To extend the period of limitations for commencing a rape or sexual battery prosecution against a person who is implicated in the offense by DNA analysis.

HB 50

Enactment Summary

Ward's bill of rights/Guardianship Guide/foster care-extend eligibility (Pelanda, Grossman

To extend the age for which a person is eligible for federal foster care and adoption assistance payments under Title IV-E to age twenty-one, to provide a ward's bill of rights, to require that a guardian receive the Ohio Guardianship Guide, and to make an appropriation.

HB 53

Enactment Summary

Biennial Budget (Amstutz

To make operating appropriations for the biennium beginning July 1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2015; to provide authorization and conditions for the operation of state programs.

HB 64

Enactment Summary

Main Operating Budget FY2016-FY2017 (Smith

To amend Sections 125.10 and 125.11 of Am. Sub. H.B. 59 of the 130th General Assembly, to amend Sections 235.10 and 245.10 of Am. H.B. 497 of the 130th General Assembly, to amend Section 5 of Am. Sub. S.B. 314 of the 129th General Assembly, and to amend Section 20.15 of H.B. 215 of the 122nd General Assembly; to repeal Sections 701.10 and 701.61 of Am. Sub. H.B. 59 of the 130th General Assembly and Section 733.20 of Am. Sub. H.B. 483 of the 130th General Assembly; to amend the versions of sections 340.01, 340.03, 340.08, 340.09, 340.15, 5119.21, and 5119.22

HB 110

Enactment Summary

Increases penalty if fail to stop after accident (Hill

To amend sections 4549.02 and 4549.021 of the Revised Code to increase the penalty for failure to stop after a traffic accident that results in the death of a person or serious physical harm to a person and to name this act Brandon's Law.

HB 123

Enactment Summary

Alibi defense-notice/community control sanctions-no presentence report(Johnson, Cupp

To amend sections 2945.58 and 2951.03 of the Revised Code to change the time for notification of an alibi defense in a criminal case, to allow the court in a felony case to impose community control sanctions without a presentence investigation report upon agreement of the defendant and the prosecutor, and to request the Supreme Court to modify Criminal Rule 32.2 to allow the court in a felony case to impose community control sanctions without a presentence investigation report upon agreement of the defendant and the prosecutor.

HB 151

Enactment Summary


Expand menacing crimes/cause belief will harm other's immediate family(Anielski

To amend sections 2903.13, 2903.211, 2913.02, and 2917.21 of the Revised Code to expand the offenses of menacing by stalking and telecommunications harassment, to prohibit a person from knowingly causing another person to believe that the offender will cause physical harm or mental distress to a family or household member of the other person, to increase the penalty for assault when the victim is a volunteer firefighter, and to correct a cross reference in the theft statute to special purchase articles. 

HB 154

Enactment Summary

Motor vehicles-safe passing distance-bicycles/malfunctioning traffic lights(Henne, Sheehy

To amend sections 4511.132 and 4511.27 of the Revised Code to provide that when a motor vehicle passes a bicycle the safe passing distance to the left is three feet, and to alter the protocol for proceeding into an intersection that has malfunctioning traffic lights.

HB 164

Enactment Summary

Offense not sealable-offender may have sealed if later sealable (Pelanda, Rogers

To amend section 2953.36 of the Revised Code to allow a person who is convicted of an offense that may not be sealed to apply to have the conviction sealed if, before the person makes that application, the offense is changed so that it may be sealed

HB 171

Enactment Summary


To decrease the minimum amount of heroin involved in a violation of trafficking in heroin or possession of heroin that makes the violation a felony of the first degree and that is necessary to classify an offender as a major drug offender. (Blessing III, Dever

To amend sections 2925.03, 2925.11, and 2929.01 of the Revised Code to decrease the minimum amount of heroin involved in a violation of trafficking in heroin or possession of heroin that makes the violation a felony of the first degree and that is necessary to classify an offender as a major drug offender. 

HB 185

Enactment Summary

Abandoned realty-owner's consent not element of arson (Koehler

To amend sections 2909.03 and 2909.11 of the Revised Code to eliminate lack of the property owner's consent as an element of arson when the property is abandoned real property and to make the consent of the owner of abandoned real property an affirmative defense.

HB 290

Enactment Summary

School Premises Liability (Stebelton

Regarding the use of school district premises by members of the public and immunity from civil liability for a school district and schools when permitting members of the public to use school premises.

HB 300

Enactment Summary

Driver's license suspensions-lifetime and over 15 years-modify (Baker, Manning

To amend sections 2903.06 and 4510.54 of the Revised Code to modify the law governing the termination or modification of a lifetime driver's license suspension or a class two suspension that exceeds fifteen years and to specify that a class one driver's license suspension for a specified aggravated vehicular homicide offense begins upon the offender's release from prison.

HB 347

Enactment Summary

Criminal asset forfeitures-modify law (McColley, Brinkman Jr.

To amend sections 2923.36, 2981.01, 2981.02, 2981.03, 2981.04, 2981.06, 2981.08, 2981.09, 2981.11, 2981.12, 2981.13, and 2981.14 and to repeal section 2981.05 of the Revised Code to eliminate civil asset forfeiture proceedings and to modify the law governing criminal asset forfeitures.

HB 388

Enactment Summary


OVI-ignition interlock devices/modify penalties (Scherer

To amend sections 1547.99, 1905.01, 2903.06, 2903.08, 2929.142, 3327.10, 4510.13, 4510.17, 4510.43, 4510.44, 4510.45, 4510.46, 4511.19, 4511.191, 4511.193, and 4511.195 and to enact sections 4510.022 and 4511.199 of the Revised Code to authorize a court to grant unlimited driving privileges with an ignition interlock device to first-time OVI offenders, to expand the penalties related to ignition interlock device violations, to modify the law governing the installation and monitoring of ignition interlock devices, to extend the look back period for OVI and OVI-related offenses from six to ten years, and to modify the penalties for OVI offenses.

HB 390

Enactment Summary

Sales tax-exempt sale of natural gas by municipal gas company (Schaffer, Retherford

To amend sections 5739.01 and 5739.02 of the Revised Code to exempt the sale of natural gas by a municipal gas company from the sales and use tax.

HB 410

Enactment Summary

Habitual/chronic truancy and compulsory school attendance (Rezabek, Hayes

To amend sections 2151.011, 2151.022, 2151.18, 2151.27, 2151.311, 2151.35, 2151.354, 2152.02, 2152.021, 2152.19, 2152.26, 2919.24, 3313.534, 3313.66, 3314.03, 3321.041, 3321.13, 3321.16, 3321.19, 3321.191, 3321.38, 3326.11, 3328.24, and 4510.32 and to enact section 3313.668 of the Revised Code with regard to habitual and chronic truancy and compulsory school attendance.


HB 432

Enactment Summary

Revise laws governing decedent's estates (Cupp, Rezabek

Revise laws governing decedent's estates


HB 436

Enactment Summary

OVI-grant limited driving privileges-terminate immobilization order (Cupp, Rogers

OVI-grant limited driving privileges-terminate immobilization order


HB 451

Enactment Summary

Life-support-forfeit priority-protection order/separation proceedings (Boose)

Life-support-forfeit priority-protection order/separation proceedings

HB 463

Enactment Summary

Foreclosure actions-revise relevant laws (Dever

Foreclosure actions-revise relevant laws

SB 30

Enactment Summary

Ohio Family Stability Commission-create (Tavares

To create the Ohio Family Stability Commission and to repeal section 5101.345

SB 97

Enactment Summary

Firearm Specification Prison Term (Hughes, LaRose

To amend sections 2152.17, 2901.08, 2923.14, 2929.13, 2929.14, 2929.20, 2929.201, 2941.141, 2941.144, 2941.145, 2941.146, and 2941.1412 and to enact sections 2923.132 and 2941.1424 of the Revised Code to increase by 50% the mandatory prison term for an offender who is convicted of a firearm specification and previously has been convicted of a firearm specification; to prohibit violent career criminals from knowingly acquiring, having, carrying, or using any firearm or dangerous ordnance; to require a mandatory prison term for a violent career criminal convicted of committing a violent felony offense while armed with a firearm; to correct a provision regarding delinquent child dispositions for specifications; to provide certain prisoners credit for time spend in jail in determining eligibility to apply for judicial release; and to specify that no presentence investigation report is required for shock probation to be granted to an offender convicted of an offense before July 1, 1996.

SB 139

Enactment Summary

Postconviction relief proceedings (Seitz, Williams

To amend sections 2929.03, 2953.21, and 2953.23 of the Revised Code to require the clerk of a common pleas court to retain a copy of the original trial file when a death penalty is imposed, to specify that there is no page limit on petitions for postconviction relief in death penalty cases or in appeals of denials of such relief, to provide for depositions and subpoenas during discovery in postconviction relief proceedings, and to require a judge hearing a postconviction relief proceeding to state specifically in the findings of fact and conclusions of law why each claim was either denied or granted.

SB 199

Enactment Summary

Armed forces active duty member-handgun-conceal carry/obtain (Uecker, Gardner

To amend sections 1547.69, 2923.12, 2923.121, 2923.122, 2923.123, 2923.126, 2923.16, and 2923.21 of the Revised Code to specify that an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces: (1) does not need a concealed handgun license to carry a handgun concealed if the member is carrying valid military identification and a certificate indicating successful small arms qualification; and (2) may be sold or furnished a handgun if the member has received military or equivalent small arms training.

SB 204

Enactment Summary

Driver's license suspensions for drug offenses (Seitz

To amend sections 2925.02, 2925.03, 2925.04, 2925.041, 2925.05, 2925.06, 2925.11, 2925.12, 2925.13, 2925.14, 2925.141, 2925.22, 2925.23, 2925.31, 2925.32, 2925.33, 2925.36, 2925.37, 4510.021, 4510.17, and 4510.31 of the Revised Code to make the suspension of an offender's driver's license for a violation of specified drug offenses discretionary rather than mandatory, to authorize a court to terminate a driver's license suspension imposed for specified drug offenses committed out-of-state, to generally authorize a court to terminate a previously imposed mandatory suspension for specified drug offenses, to provide for the discretionary suspension of an offender's driver's license for possessing nitrous oxide in a motor vehicle, and to make consistent the provisions of law governing the ability of a court to grant limited driving privileges.

SB 227

Enactment Summary

Attorney General-change duties and functions (Bacon

To amend sections 9.02, 109.08, 109.081, 109.43, 109.521, 109.57, 109.572, 109.578, 109.60, 109.85, 109.86, 149.43, 1331.01, 1331.04, 1331.99, 1345.02, 1345.03, 1345.031, 1345.07, 1345.21, 1345.23, 1345.24, 1345.43, 1345.44, 1349.43, 1716.02, 1716.05, 1716.07, 2743.191, 2743.56, 2743.71, 2746.02, 2901.01, 2923.02, 2923.31, 2923.32, 2953.32, 2981.13, and 5302.221, to enact sections 9.28, 177.05, 1331.17, and 2945.63, and to repeal section 1331.05 of the Revised Code to make various changes to the laws governing the duties and functions of the Attorney General.

SB 232

Enactment Summary

Transfer on death deeds and affidavits-change law (Bacon

To amend sections 5302.23 and 5302.24 of the Revised Code to amend the law related to transfer on death designation deeds and affidavits.

SB 319

Enactment Summary

Drugs/pharmacy practice/addiction services-revise laws (Eklund)

Drugs/pharmacy practice/addiction services-revise laws


SB 321

Enactment Summary

Court of Claims-procedure for hearing denials of access to public records(Faber

Court of Claims-procedure for hearing denials of access to public records

SB 331

Enactment Summary

Dog sales by stores/retailers-regulate/pet stores-license (Peterson

Dog sales by stores/retailers-regulate/pet stores-license