Enactment News
Enactments from the 134th General Assembly (2021-2022)
Revise Probate Law, Guardianship Law, and Ohio Trust Code

HB 8

Enactment Summary


Revise electronic recording of custodial interogations


Prohibit manipulation of controlled substance addiction


Create Fulton County Municipal Court; abolish Fulton County Court

SB 2

Enactment Summary


Regards criminal case competency and enters Ohio into PSYPACT
Statues of Limitations
“Relapse Reduction Act” – trafficking near addition service

SB 126

Enactment Summary


Collin's Law - Hazing
Enactments from the 133rd General Assembly (2019-2020)

SB 5

Change Penalties for Promoting Prostitution

SB 10

Enactment Summary

Expand penalty for theft in office/restitution for audit costs

SB 68

Enactment Summary

Allow community service in lieu of driver reinstatement fee

SB 175

Enactment Summary

Grant civil immunity-injury, death, loss from carrying handguns

SB 256

Enactment Summary

Regards sentencing offenders under 18 when committed offense

HB 1

Enactment Summary

Modify intervention in lieu of conviction/sealing requirements

HB 66

Enactment Summary

Enact Theft Victims' Restitution Act

HB 136

Enactment Summary

Prohibiting Death Penalty - Serious Mental Illness

HB 158

Enactment Summary

Waive fee for indigent petitioning for limited driving privileges

HB 285

Enactment Summary

Driver's License Reinstatement Fee Debt Reduction and Amnesty Program

HB 431

Enactment Summary

Create Sexual Exploitation Database


Enactments from the 132rd General Assembly (2017-2018)

HB 6


Prohibit Fees for Correcting Criminal Record Information (Barnes)

HB 7

Address medical claims and provider immunities (Cupp)

HB 38

Increase penalty for murder or assault of certain persons (Greenspan)

HB 49


F4 and F5 sentencing changes and TCAP (Smith, R.)

HB 63

Add prison term if disfigure or incapacitate victim (Hughes)

HB 92

Require public indecency before minors offenders to register(Schaffer)

HB 95

Enhance penalty for moving violations while distracted (Hughes, Seitz)

HB 96

Increase penalty for sexual imposition (Hughes)

HB 174


Add judges to Franklin County Domestic Relations Division (Hughes, Lanese)


HB 215


Create Paulding County Municipal Court (Riedel)

HB 223

Enactment Summary

Regards transfers of structured settlement payment rights (Dever)

HB 341

Enactment Summary

Exempt personal information about judges from disclosure (Huffman, Cera)

HB 366

Enactment Summary

Change laws governing child support (Gavarone)

HB 405

Enactment Summary

Make counterfeiting a corrupt activity crime (Perales)

HB 425

Enactment Summary


Declare police body camera recordings not to be public records and other record sealing changes (Antani, Craig)


HB 497

Enactment Summary

Prohibit disseminating private sexual images (Rogers, Manning)

HB 595

Enactment Summary

Revise law of wills, trusts, and suspicious deaths (Cupp, Rezabek)

SB 4

Enactment Summary

Expand expungement and intervention (Kunze, Oelslager)

SB 7

Enactment Summary

Actual knowledge of protection orders (Bacon, Manning) 

SB 20

Enactment Summary

Add prison term if permanently disable victim (Hackett)

SB 33

Enactment Summary

LEADS disclosure;  Intervention-in-Lieu-of-Conviction (Eklund)

SB 66

Enactment Summary

Modify criminal sentencing, records sealing and Intervention-in-Lieu-of-Conviction (Eklund, Tavares)

SB 158

Enactment Summary

Combat elder fraud and exploitation; require restitution for (Wilson)

SB 201

Enactment Summary

Enact Reagan Tokes Law-indefiniet prison terms (Bacon, O'Brien)

SB 231

Enactment Summary

Create violent offender database and address offender releases (Gardner)

SB 263

Enactment Summary

Enact Notary Public Modernization Act (Huffman, Wilson)

SB 296

Enactment Summary

County official pay raises (Hottinger)


Enactments from the 131st General Assembly (2015-2016)

HB 6

Enactment Summary

Statute of limitations for rape/sexual battery-extend-offender implicated by DNA evidence (LaTourette, Kunze)

HB 50

Enactment Summary

Ward's bill of rights/Guardianship Guide/foster care-extend eligibility (Pelanda, Grossman)

HB 53

Enactment Summary

Transportation and Public Safety Budget FY 2016 and FY 2017 (Grossman)

HB 64

Enactment Summary

Main Operating Budget FY 2016-FY 2017 (Smith)

HB 110

Enactment Summary

Failure to stop after accident-increase penalty (Hill)

HB 123

Enactment Summary

Alibi defense-notice/community control sanctions-no presentance report (Johnson, Cupp)

HB 151

Enactment Summary

Expand menacing crimes/cause belief will harm other's immediate family (Anielski)

HB 154

Enactment Summary

Motor vehicles-safe passing distance-bicycles/malfunctioning traffic lights (Henne, Sheehy)

HB 164

Enactment Summary

Offense not sealable-offender may have sealed if later sealable (Pelanda, Rogers)

HB 171

Enactment Summary

To decrease the minimum amount of heroin invovled in a violation of trafficking in heroin or possession of heroin that makes the violation a felony of the first degree and that is necessary to classify an offender as a major drug offender (Blessing, Dever)

HB 185

Enactment Summary

Abandoned realty-ownder's consent not element of arson (Koehler)

HB 300

Enactment Summary

Driver's license suspensions-lifetime and over 15 years-modify (Baker, Manning)

HB 347

Enactment Summary

Criminal asset forfeitures-modify law (McColley, Brinkman)

HB 388

Enactment Summary

OVI-ignition interlock devices/modify penalties (Scherer)

HB 390

Enactment Summary

Sales tax-exempt sale of natural gas by municipal gas company (Schaffer, Retherford)

HB 410

Enactment Summary

Habitual/chronic truancy and compulsary school attendance (Rezabek, Hayes)

HB 432

Enactment Summary

Revise laws governing decedent's estates (Cupp, Rezabek)

HB 436

Enactment Summary

OVI-grant limited driving privileges-terminate immobilization order (Cupp, Rogers)

HB 451

Enactment Summary

Life-support-forfeit priority-protection order/separation proceedings (Boose)

HB 463

Enactment Summary

Foreclosure actions-revice relevant laws (Dever)

SB 30

Enactment Summary

Ohio Family Stability Commission-create (Tavares)

SB 97

Enactment Summary

Firearm Specification Prison Term (Hughes, LaRose)

SB 139

Enactment Summary

Postconviction relief proceedings (Seitz, Williams)

SB 199

Enactment Summary

Armed forces active duty member-handgun-conceal carry/obtain (Uecker, Gardner)

SB 204

Enactment Summary

Driver's license suspensions for drug offenses (Seitz)

SB 227

Enactment Summary

Attorney General-change duties and functions (Bacon)

SB 232

Enactment Summary

Transfer on death deeds and affidavits-change law (Bacon)

SB 319

Enactment Summary

Drugs/pharmacy practice/addiction services-revise laws (Eklund)

SB 321

Enactment Summary

Court of Claims-procedure for hearing denials of access to public records (Faber)

SB 331

Enactment Summary

Dog sales by stores/retailers-regulate/pet stores-license (Peterson)